Before the implementation of any system, it is prudent for a company to conduct a GAP audit to reveal where GAPs exist. FB will conduct GAP audits against the relevant schemes, to enable the correct documentation and implementation process. With the implementation of Food safety systems, there is the need to conduct regular audits. We conduct internal audits for our clients, giving them feedback on how to maintain and improve their systems.

Clients work with us because they see the value of implementing a GFSI-compliant program in place, the right way. Your goal, is our goal.

We support our clients and stay with you every step of the way to get you ready to pass your GFSI Certification Audit.

We offer:

  • GFSI Gap Assessment
  • GFSI Program Development
  • GFSI Implementation
  • GFSI Audit Preparation
  • GFSI Audit Corrective Action Support

As Restaurant food safety experts, we are versed in preparing the following retail HACCP Plans:

  • Reduced Oxygen Packaging HACCP Plans
  • Cook-Chill HACCP Plans
  • Sous Vide HACCP Plans
  • Fermentation HACCP Plans
  • Smoking HACCP Plans
  • Pickling HACCP Plans
  • Growing Sprouts HACCP Plans
  • Dry Curing HACCP Plans
  • Dry Aging HACCP Plans
  • Sushi Rice HACCP Plans
  • Raw Seafood Parasite Destruction Plans
  • Molluscan Shellfish HACCP Plans

Under the guidance of FB Food Safety, we ensure that you do FOOD SAFETY the right way. Contact us today, as we are ready to help! Call us at (314) 942-9449 US, (876) 327-1060 JM, (876) 990-0625 JM or fill out our online request form for a free assessment.