It is not very often that we find ourselves in a position to write a letter such as this one, where we had such a favourable experience in a very time-sensitive multi-million-dollar dependent deadline.

In late 2016, we challenged FB Food Safety and Quality Management to evaluate, develop and implement the ISO 9001, 2015 standard at ARC Manufacturing Limited in a few short months. This was an incredibly fast-track schedule, given that multiple dimensions, scope and scale of our international trading business. FB Food Safety and Quality Management Systems versitility and experience with complex organizations enabled them to meet this agressive schdule while achieving the ISO 9001, 2005 standards.

Led by Fay Bailey gregory, the FB Food Safety and Quality Management Systems team's attention to detail and management of all components of the process and work site personnel was outstanding. Therir Project Manager communicated well with our team and were responsive to oout questions and concerns through th emany audits along wht way.

FB's team is reliable. Instead of dealing with new faces at every stage, we work with the same people who understand out business and how we do things. This stability, across both project management and implimentation, saved us considerable time and effort, as we work through all the steps as one team. It's a great combination - a partner who is easy to work with, but also focused on quality and value.

FB Food Safety and Quality Management is careful in their planning, management and organization of their consultation process. And while the process is structured, they are also flexible and responsive to project change. We have also found FB's people to be highly focused on value. They produce the right amount of deliverables, without adding action items that aren't needed. They are cognizant of the budgets and pride.

We truly appreciate all that Fay Baley Gregory and her team has done for ARC Manufacturing Limited. Thank you for your invaluable leadership in guaranteeing our success in the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

We wish you tremendous success as you champion the cause in improving the standards of quality management, globally.

Charlotte Hayles
Deputy Managing Director

ARC Manufacturing Limited
14 Bell Road,
Kingston 11,
Jamaica, West Indies
876-923-1426 / 6307

Testimony - ARC Manufacturing - ISO 9001, 2015

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